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Gaby Peters

Mechanical Installation | Video


Fortuna X14.3, Installation, 2012, powder coated aluminium sheets, gear motor, conveyor belt, chute mechanism, crusher mechanism,  2,70 x 2,70 x 0,90 m, photo source: Hannes Woidich, Gaby Peters

Saturday Night, video-performance, 2012, 4 hours 40 minutes, materials: tealight, matches, wire, pliers, one bag of popcorn

The Plate-Spinning Machine, Tea Set, 2010, mechanical installation, 1,20m x 1,15m x 1,10m (photos by Tobias Wootton)

The Plate-Spinning Machine, Single Plate, 2010, mechanical installation, 0,80m x 1,24m x 0,92m (photos by Tobias Wootton)

untitled (clothes dryers) mechanical objects, 2007, clothes dryers (turned upside down), engines, rechargeable batteries, H ca. 1,95m, radius ca. 2-3m (photo by: Peter Oszvald, (c): Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD)

wings, 2006, video, 1.13min