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Artist-in-Residence Programme

Since 2005 the Kuenstlerhaus offers an additional option for artists from abroad:
The Artist-in-Residence Program during the exhibition-free summer months.

Duration:  4 to 6 weeks in the summer break (July/August)

Free accommodation:
combined private living/bedroom, shared kitchen and bathroom

Free work space:
  private studio

Paid by Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund:
  • travel subsidy to and from the Kuenstlerhaus of up to 500 EUR
  • per diem of 10 EUR for each day in Dortmund
  • up to 500 EUR production/material costs depending on current budgetary situation and upon consultation of our manager and presentation of respective bills

The artists are responsible for their health insurance.

A presentation at the end of the stay is higly appreciated and supported by PR and the print and mailing of invitation cards.
The Kuenstlerhaus team is pleased to assist the guest artist in any organizational and practical issues.

Application period is 1 - 31 Oct. (relevant is the postmark).

Application guidelines and form can be found here:

> Application

Guest artist 2019:

This year, the Künstlerhaus Dortmund has chosen Maud Haya-Baviera (GB) as its summer guest.

The summer residence at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund offers Maud Haya-Baviera the opportunity to continue her work on a video on the subject of migration and expulsion, which she has already begun in Yorkshire, England.
She wants to explore the legacy of forced migration and in particular the impact of displacement on subsequent generations.
Migration since the beginning of industrialisation has been a central aspect of the history of the Ruhr area and the city of Dortmund. Research in the Dortmund City Archive, conversations with people who have immigrated to the Ruhr area themselves or their parents/grandparents, and the Künstlerhaus's experience in dealing with the children of migrants in the workshops are part of the project.

The Künstlerhaus Dortmund provides the means for a treatment of the complex topic and the collected material in the guest studio. The challenging interweaving of migration and life in Maud Haya-Baviera's artistic work was the decisive factor in her being awarded the summer residence in 2019.

Some Palaces
24 – 31 August 2019

Opening on Friday, 23/08 at 8 p.m.


image.: Maud Haya-Baviera, Into the light of the dark black night (film still)

Previous years:


Rees Archibald (*1972 in Australia, lives and works in Lithuania)

Originally a saxophone player, Rees Archibald spent several years in Japan studying traditional Zen music. Later, working with composers Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila and David Behrman, he studied electronic music composition. Rees has performed and shown work in venues such as The Kitchen in New York City, ZKM/HfG in Germany, the Sydney Opera House, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, and the Emit/Time Festival in Bern, Switzerland. Rees is active as an educator, working as an academic in instrumental music performance, music technology, new media arts and ethnomusicology.
“I am interested in exploring the physicality of objects and spaces using sound.” (Rees Achibald)

For the Künstlerhaus Dortmund Summer Residency Rees has developed a project titeled Sounding surroundings: Using the technique of creating feedback loops through physical materials with contact microphoses and transducers he explores abandoned archtecture from the region's past to realize site specific installations.

17 - 19 August 2018
Opening with artist talk on Friday, 17 Aug. at 19:00 h
Further opening hours:
Sat, 18/08/2018, 16:00 - 19:00 h
Sun, 19/08/2018, 16:00 - 19:00 h
Rees Archibald is present.

image: Rees Archibald


Daniel Nicolae Djamo (*1987 in Romania)

Daniel Djamo graduated from the Time-Based Media department of the Bucharest National University of Arts in 2011 and is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the Visual Arts, Art History and Theory department at Bucharest University. He received an ERASMUS doctoral fellowship to work at the Visual Communication Department of Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin in 2015 and 2016. Daniel attended a number of international residencies, most recently in Austria, France, Slovenia and the USA.

During his stay in Dortmund, Daniel Djamo has further pursued his project Nomadaptation which is also the subject of his PhD studies. With a focus on Romanian immigrants to Western Europe he questions the possibility of a successful integration.

16 sounds of paper

Workshop by Daniel Djamo
Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 15:00 - 17:00 h
Conference room, Künstlerhaus Dortmund

photos by D. Djamo, except top center and bottom right: Sophie Robson

> more information for download (PDF 330 kB)

Opening of the Presentation on 5 August 2017 at 19:30 h

In the exhibition „rise of nations“ the Romanian-born artist Daniel Djamo leads us into a fictional vision of the not so far away future of less than ten years. Basis for the exhibition are 16 stories, which were written by young people in the course of a workshop. Framework for the story itself was given by the artist: The existing political problems came to a head so that Europe and its market have collapsed and that country as well as city-frontiers cannot be trespassed without methods of high monitoring. This vision should be deepened by finding answers to why Europe fell apart and what consequences this development has on one’s life. Through this, the artist developed a - as he describes it himself - ‘archeological-archival installation’ with the title 16 sounds of paper, which represents the stories written by the participants. In comparison the work rise of nations can be understood as a counterpart. The work is composed of 16 square-cut wooden panels, analogue to the 16 stories, which again reveal the shape of a square through the hanging. The applied stripes in the primary colours of red, blue and yellow not only refer to the home country of the artist but also reflect on the development and relevance of flags as signifier of a certain nation or cultural affiliation. Filling the blank spaces with an optional colour results in new combinations, which can stand for further nations. In consideration of a world which is shaped by migration the blank spaces can be understood as a playful gesture which undermine the construct of a nation or a nationalistic symbolic.
In his work Daniel Djamo frequently explores the role of his home country Romania in the EU as well as the question of cultural identity, especially of his own, and in which ways its perceived abroad. For that matter he regularly makes use of the auxiliary tool of fiction, which always includes some historicity. Herein a certain irony is revealed because the future visions are never that unreasonable. His political works are neither instructing nor do they have an educational mission. In all of his interactive works, as in case of “rise of the nations”, the focus lies on the moment of spontaneous imagination, which in turn expresses itself in an incomparable aesthetic product. If processes of reflection are set in motion that raise awareness of political questions, physical boundaries and cultural differences, this is not a concrete, but positive by-product of his artistic work. (Tanita Groß)


Junichiro Ishii (*1975 in Japan), currently lives and works in France

Junichiro Ishii studied Culture and General Education at the Nippon Designers Vocational School in Fukuoka, Japan where he also got his BFA at Kyushu Sangyo University.
Since 2004 he has been travelling extensively and attended a series of artist residencies, a.o. in South Korea, the US, the Czech Republic, Greece and France.

His project for Dortmund focuses on the process of preserving. Preserving glass jars and bottles as well as everyday junk as a mirror of the society that produces it played a central role in his artistic research and production activities on site.

Bottle in Landscape, presentation view at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, photo by Junichiro Ishii

Bottle in Landscape, detail, photo by Junichiro Ishii

Junichiro Ishii presents the works he created during his Dortmund stay, photo by Jens Sunheim


Rei Kakiuchi (*1969) from Japan, lives and works in Rotterdam, NL

Rei Kakiuchi studied Textile Design at The Kyoto Seika University (BA 1993), The Nottingham Trent University of Art and Design (MA 2002) and The Dutch Art Institute (MA 2013).
He works on drawing, sculpture, installation, video and delegate performace to explore the relationship between nature itself and the way it is perceived or defined by humans and to articulate his thesis of Nature as a dead body.

In Dortmund, Rei will work on a new project titled Finger Cap which will explore the question of how human beings perceive the borders between the natural and the artificial, and death and life by means of sculpture and handicraft as well by performance that will involve other artists. The title refers to the idea that our fingers are the extension of our will; capping them works not only as an identity disguise but a denial of existence itself.

Finger Cap, installation, details, Künstlerhaus Dortmund 2015, photos: Jens Sundheim

Capping a finger is a funny exercise for an experience of living as double ontology. In between presence and absence, here and there... we might become zombies. (Rei Kakiuchi)

Simon Le Ruez (*1970) lives and works in Sheffield, UK and Berlin, DE

Simon Le Ruez has studied at Exeter College of Art, holds a diploma in Fine Art Sculpture from the City and Guilds of London Art School and an MA from Winchester School of Art.
His work pivots around both the physical and the psychological, however the process of making lies at the core and through a dialogue of little curiosities the viewer is drawn into the plight of individual lives and a rich layering of experience expressed through form.
Simon's project Bridging Dortmund has combined installation, photography, sculpture, and other media to create a new mapping of the city based on its bridges.

Bridging Dortmund,installation, Künstlerhaus Dortmund 2015, photos: Simon Le Ruez



Chris Bell (*1966) from Australia, lives in California, USA

Chris studied Industrial design followed by his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts, where he graduated in 1992. He has since exhibited sculpture or installations yearly, mostly with experimental art organizations. He has received various awards, stipends and commissions. He currently lives near San Francisco, having recently completed his MFA with Stanford University. He teaches as adjunct faculty at Stanford University and San Francisco Art Institute.


left: Sovereign Powers,Trondheim, NO, 2012; right: Sun Swarm, San Francisco, USA, 2013

During his residency stay, Chris wants to investigate into visualising Quantity. He proposes an experimental installation based on a continuously operating simple counting machine to represent exact figures from statistics such as national and world populations, juxtaposed with quantities relevant to our globalized political economics.

> Presentation at the Laboratorium


George Groshkov (*1986) from Sofia, Bulgaria
Film, Installation
Residency project: Unborn Fears

The project deals with the subject of fear of the future in young people's minds all over the world. It seems, most young people are in a crisis - financially and emotionally. They are constantly protesting, because they expect the future to be a chain of failures instead of opportunities. The goal ist to locate and describe the deepest fears in order to understand and finally overcome them. (George Groshkov)

video still from Territories

presentation of the video work IN/OUT realised in Dortmund

Tara Nicholson (*1976)  from Victoria, BC, Canada
Photography, Installation, Multimedia
Residency project: Retreat - Somewhere Beyond Nowhere

My proposed work for the residency will revolve around the idea of retreat, questioning the desire to escape from modernity and the role of contemporary pilgrimage withing the context of dramatic climatic change. Expanding on my work from the last two years -  Somewhere Beyond Nowhere - I will produce a retreat or outpost within the studio / gallery environment. Incorporating photography, sound, video and public presentations I will investigate the greenspaces within the industrial Dortmund area and relate / oppose them to images from Northern Canada. (Tara Nicholson, taranicholson.com)

two pieces from the series Somewhere Beyond Nowhere

presentation of new work realised in Dortmund


Caroline Molusson (* 8.12.76, Bordeaux, F)
Installation, Video, Sculpture

Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund has decided to invite Caroline Molusson from Bordeaux, France as a summer guest 2012. Molusson has convinced the members' jury through her sensible works with which she seeks to disturb the natural order of things in a subtle way. The perturbing consequences this has on our perception habits which in turn may result in alienating our automatims of acting is welcomed by the artist. As one of the questions which with she will be concerned during her stay at Dortmund is: How are we to be touched by art?

opening of the presentation Otherworldly on 03/08/2012, photos: Jens Sundheim

passage à vide, on-site installation, 2012, exhibition views and detail, photos: Caroline Molusson

Otherworldly, video, 2012, photo: Caroline Molusson


Hui Wai Keung (*1973, Hong Kong, CN )

Hui Wai Keung lives and works in Hong Kong, China. He started learning fine art only at the age of 30, and took his first lesson of drawing in 2002. He was then educated in both visual and new media streams. He received his MFA from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2004, and graduated in Fine Art (Sculpture) at Hong Kong Art School.

Excerpt from his artist statement and proposal:

Recently, I am intrigued by the concept and poetic character of “impossibility”. (...) I am looking for  failed experiments, wrong theories, rejected proposals, or any ridiculous idea. It could be an idea that proved to be wrong as it violates the laws of nature, but which could be possible on a logical basis. Or it could be a legend which is said to be logically impossible, but has been widely believed to be true.

images: presentation 'Plastron - anther side', 26/08 - 04/09/201

photographs ©: Jens Sundheim


Maria Raponi (*1975, Toronto, CA)

Maria Raponi is a Toronto-based artist working in a variety of mediums. Her work explores the relationship between the perceptual and the interpretive, between the immediate experience of the world and the attempt to make sense of it. This relationship is compounded through storytelling. The stories we share, the events we remember, and the locations we create help us to define and relate to our environment. (www.mariaraponi.com)

Presentation re-site, opening on August 06, 2010, with kunstgruppe GOTTLIEB

re-site, presentation views, photographs ©: Jens Sundheim

During her time in Dortmund, Maria Raponi created a series of lightboxes featuring composite photographs of the ceilings of Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund’s exhibition spaces. In this site-specific work, the ceilings, which normally provide the illumination for works on view, become the focal point as the work itself.

While directly tied to the architecture, the images provide a contemplative space for the viewer to occupy. Instead of being one photograph frozen in time, each ceiling is made up of multiple photographs taken over time, allowing for shifts in colour and light as each section was photographed.

left:3e - Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, 64 x 52cm, right: 3a - Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund,60 x 51.8cm, ink-jet transparencies; ©: Maria Raponi


Dillan Marsh (*1980, Bristol, UK)

By means of objects, drawings and videos Dillan Marsh from Great Britain creates a world that the observer is invited to enter. The works are considered to be components of a larger project and thus never actually finished. Working outside his locality helps him to exchange ideas and widen his horizons.
Dillan Marsh studied Art and Design with an emphasis on photography at York College and received his BA in Fine Art at the University of Bristol. He received an Erasmus Placement for the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin and was awarded residency stipends from several institutions in the UK and the US.

In Dortmund the artist has realized his "Book Project" for which he constructed a machine for processing books into raw material that could serve for construction and as a low-cost fuel. Similar processes of recycling and converting have already before been part of his work, yet ecological issues are not his core interest. His subject is the situation of books as an endangered species in a scenario of immanent recession, rising fuel prices and potential climatic catastrophes and their processing in a time where surviving has taken over the need to preserve knowledge and culture.

The images show the final presentation in his studio.  


Tamara Fleming (*1983 in Anchorage, USA)

Tamara Fleming attended OC High School of the Arts, Santa Ana, California and studied at Santa Reparata International School of the Arts, Florence. In 2005 she graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts at the University of California Los Angeles. Since 2005 she is attending the Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Wien.

During her stay in Dortmund she continued her work dealing with the intense study, meaningful understanding, re-contextualization and response to found visual aspects in the external world by means of video, photography, sketches, painting and installation.

images: presentation at the Kuenstlerhaus


Helen Johnson (*1980, Northcote, AUS)

Helen Johnson from Northcote, Australia was be our summer guest in June and July 2007. She was born in Melbourne and finished her studies at the RMIT University of Fine Arts, Melbourne in 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her work fields include room specific drawing and painting on paper and wall.

During her stay at the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund she has realized a work series based on personal, domestic interiors.

images: presentation at the Kuenstlerhaus


Anna-Maria Karczmarska (*1981, Krakow, PL)

The artist from Cracow, Poland was be our residency guest in 2006.
She studied at the art academies in Cracow and Milan; her work fields include staged photography, cartoon, painting and object art.

Her project during her residency:
Ernten - Einmachen / Harvesting - Preserving


Anna Gonzalez (*1980, Barcelona, ES)

Conceptional artist from Barcelona, Spain, was selected for the residence 2005 and stayed in Dortmund from July 1 to September 15, 2005.

Her project during her residency:
Vorruhestand / Early Retirement

photo by Gustel Gawlik

In the past the working period of people frequently lasted until shortly before their death. As a consequence of an increased life expectancy in the modern world, senior citizens have lot more time at their own disposal. In a sense, man have created time for himself. Anna Gonzalez studied this man-created time. During the work process of "Vorruhestand" she got to know the life of senior citizens: In a first part she participated in the summer activities' program of the Wilhelm-Hansmann-Haus; then, in a second part, she became an inhabitant of the seniors' residency.

images: presentation at the Kuenstlerhaus