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The Laboratorium - a small room in the basement - offers space for experiments for Kuenstlerhaus members: to test new works, concepts or techniques, just for themselves, to discuss it with artist fellows and/or to show it to a public, parallel to one of the shows of the main programme. There is a small budget available for this format.
The Laboratorium is also open for artists in the network (K.i.N.) and residency guests.

Projekte 2018

Grauomenta Spotlight #4
Single positions from the collection Grau: Andreas Jonak
1 December 2018 - 20 January 2019
Opening on Friday, 30/11 at 20 h

Cocoon, 2015, copper, 50 x 70 cm

Projects 2016

Grauomenta presents
Stronzo Films (Sarah Müller & David Wagner)
20. Feb. bis 27 March
concurrently with the show Keine Zeit (No Time)

Projects 2015

Grauomenta presents
Jule K. - Love Rules
25 April - 14 June 2015
concurrently to the exhibition Artist Sweethearts

Translating Transformers

by Laura Eschweiler and Jessica Gispert
7 March - 12 April 2015
concurrently to the exhibition wirklich.wirklich.

My current body work is attempting to create effective patterns provoked by the digestion of my physical daily life, as well as my digital daily life. I am interested in the cognitive conventionality these objects provide as part of our environment (our nature). These highly consumable objects are catalyst to consumptive satisfaction. I am interested in re-adapting the natural state of these materials to explore forms that activate human attraction. Mich interessieren Orte. Was passiert da - wer agiert - tut was - Folgen und Zustände. Solche Beobachtungen lassen mich bestimmte Materialien wählen, die meist alltäglich anmuten, alltäglich sind oder auch nicht. Formen entstehen, die zwischen sehr abstrakt und sehr konkret wirken. Es geht ums Weltenkreieren und Weltenverknüpfen, Potenziale schöpfen. Bildhauerei. Hier spielen aktionistische Momente genauso eine Rolle, wie kinetische und traditionell plastische, die sich mit Volumen, Masse, Aggregatzuständen und Raum auseinandersetzen.
(please note: the combination of English and German is intentional)

Projects 2014

Grauomenta Spotlights
Single positions from the collection Grau
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Projects 2013


Positions of contemporary art from the Grau collection
25 May - 20 June 2013
an exhibition project by Cornelius Grau

image: Table with works by Anonym, Kaj Fischer, Kirill Golovchenko, Matthias Grotevent, Andreas Jonak, Stefanie Kramer, Tammo Lünemann, Lars Julien Meyer, Katharina Maderthaler, Matthias Recht, Ines Skirde, The Trader House Rules, Hagen Trippelsdorf, Julia Wilczewski and Benjamin Zanon

Get the chance to take a look at the beginnigs of an art collection at the Laboratorium.
Cornelius Grau, student at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf and member of Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund:  "Over the last years I´ve scrounged stuff and pieces of art from fellow students and friends (mostly students /graduates from art schools in Duesseldorf, Osnabrück, Stuttgart and Berlin) and built up my own small collection. Mainly small sculptures and pictures, but there are also videos or performance requisites. The works are often naive or funny.  For example: aluminium toasts, a toilet brush, fake-DVD-covers and I-Phone-rebuilts. But there are also pieces with a primary serious character. The show is supplemented with findings from fleamarkets and garbage. So I willto present a wild mix of artworks in a small room."

Projects 2012

in Residence
a canadian-german exhibition

Rachel Granofsky (Photography; Montreal, QC)
Gordon Monahan (Sound art / Installation; Meaford, ON)
Jocelyn Philibert (Photography / Installation; Montreal, QC)
Rona Rangsch (Digitale Medien / Installation)
Robert Tombs (Painting / Installation; Ottawa, ON)
Jean-Yves Vigneau (Installation / Sculpture / Video; Gatineau, QC)

5 October - 11 November 2012

exhibition view

f.l.t.r.: Gordon Monahan, Piano Airlift; Robert Tombs, Brigus Mark; Jean-Yves Vigneau, Île était une fois
photos: © Hannes Woidich

Background of the project are 4 artist-residencies spent by Rona Rangsch in Canada in the years 2007-2011 (the 5th following in 2012) and the fact that these residencies had a lasting impact on her practice: Besides strong scenic and cultural impressions, the works of artist colleagues have more or less directly influenced Rona's work. This made her wish to show some key works created in Canada in the context of works by these artists.
A catalogue has been published on the show with a text by Sandra Dichtl, Artistic Director of Dortmunder Kunstverein. The show was kindly suported by:


The Small Format 2012
Originals, editions and multiples by Kuenstlerhaus members and networkers (KiNs)

23  November 2012 - 27  January 2013

photos: Hannes Woidich

Projects 2011

The Small Format 2011
Kuenstlerhaus members and KiN's present originals, editions and multiples

9 December - 15 January 2012

Photos by Hannes Woidich

a film by Horst Herz, 2010

8 April - 13 May 2011

Projects 2010

How to get from A to B

Objects, Videos and Grafics by Caspar Walbeck

September 17 - October 31, 2010

Mit der Tuer ins Haus, the idea of defining a building by connecting its doorways with the aid of a closed corridor ... Sehhilfen / vision aids presents the user with the experience of looking in different directions at the same time ... Watching a cube, an object that is built from 13 meters of cardboard tubes and 75 mirrors, so that the view inside is directed to the users feet. Their feet become visible through a distance of 6.5 meters – the distance that light has to cover before reaching each of the user's eyes ...
Caspar Walbeck worked in the Laboratorium for three months. The works created during his time here are reflective of his interests in space and its perception.

photographs by Hannes Woidich

Projects 2009

Installation by Barbara Koch
Silicon object, ca. 20 cm in diameter, 30 cm in length, surveillance technique, projector

August 28- September 27, 2009

The installatation "Sightseeing" is about changing and inverting familiar perpectives. The observer is confronted with a new angle - in this case a lower and thus strange level - without having to alter his position.

Projecs 2008    

nah dran / close
Room installation by Agata Gostkowska and Leif Schmidt

Oktober 17 – November 16, 2008

Projects 2007

Ausgewaehlte Stuecke / Selected Pieces
Mural by Elly Valk-Verheijen

August 31 – September 30, 2007

Elly Valk-Verheijen’s exhibition in the Laboratorium is a wall painting „in situ“.
This wall painting is based on digital photographs of the empty walls of the Laboratorium, freezing the light situation in time. With the help of computer techniques small squares of these white walls were selected in the photographs and these parts has been modified in colored pixels. This composition is realized as a painting, not belonging anymore to a virtual world but transferred into reality.

Projects 2006

Ernten - Einmachen / Harvesting - Preservation
by Anna-Maria Karczmarska, artist in residence 2006

August 28 - September 15, 2006

es gibt immer etwas zu sehen / there is always something to see
Light installation by Jorge Lopes

March 24 – April 23, 2006


Malerei / Painting
by Ilka Berger

February 3 – March 12, 2006

Projects 2005

the other side - inside
Installation by Ulrike Stockhaus

November 4 – December 18, 2005


Vorruhestand / Early retirement
by Anna Gonzalez, artist-in-residence 2005

9. September – 23. Oktober 2005

Photograph by Gustel Gawlik

In the past the working period of people frequently lasted until shortly before their death. As a consequence of an increased life expectancy in the modern world, senior citizens have lot more time at their own disposal. In a sense, man have created time for himself. Anna Gonzalez studied this man-created time. During the work process of "Vorruhestand" she got to know the life of senior citizens: In a first part she participated in the summer activities' program of the Wilhelm-Hansmann-Haus; then, in a second part, she became an inhabitant of the seniors' residency.

Eigenheim / Homestead
Photography and installation by Stefanie Kath

May 20 – July 3, 2005


Three Duster Dancers, version: laboratorium Dortmund, 2005
Kinetic video installation by Tomomi Adachi

March 11 – April 3, 2005

Three dusters dance in the air. Thanks to attached surveillance cameras the observer can share the view of the duster dancers.

Projects 2004   

"the baloon project - eine Erzählung über den Raum, ohne Worte,
laboratorium, Dortmund 2004"
Mixed Media installation by An Seebach
(in collaboration with Sam Ashley and Ulrich Weber)

November 19 -December 19, 2004

A hammock and almost 3000 balloons, which at the beginning fill the complete space, are the main characters of the installation. The installation starts with the live video documentation out of the laboratory, the installation will not be finished until the vernissage, under the eyes of the public. During an approx.18 minutes lasting performance An Seebach and Sam Ashley let the balloons pop and by this way open the space for the public.

In this spacial situation structures made by chance and arrangements by the artist. The public is invited to use the hammock and to watch the ceiling and floor installation from this extraordinaire point of view.

Montage technics: © Ulrich Weber
Design hammock: © Sam Ashley
Performance photographs: © Christoph Bangert

Slide installation by Rona Rangsch

September 10 - October 10, 2004

The light structures originate from aerial night views of the Ruhr area. By digital collage superstructures were created that cannot be clearly identified as of terrestrial origin - they remind of star clusters, galaxies or supernovae.

Projected onto semi-transparent cloth that is waving in the breeze of two fans a three-dimensionality is created that underlines the ephemeral character of the images. The mechanical clicking of the projectors and the humming of their air cooling systems complete the foreign scenario.

Es werde Licht! / Let there be Light!
Light installation by Martin Varga

February 20 - April 12, 2004

44 neon lamp covers, electric and sockets included, that contain 88 neons TLD 58W/25 are used to construct a room from them. Together they need power supply of about 5104 watt.
The natural humming of the neons is amplified.