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Grauomenta Spotlights

Single positions from the collection Grau

Cornelius Grau, student at the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf and member of Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund:  "Over the last years I´ve scrounged stuff and pieces of art from fellow students and friends (mostly students /graduates from art schools in Duesseldorf, Osnabrück, Stuttgart and Berlin) and built up my own small collection. “
A selection of the collection has been presented at the Laboratorium in 2013. In this context the idea was born to also present single positions of the contributing artists at variable spaces at Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund and concurrently to the exhibitions of the main program.

Grauomenta Spotlight #3

Single positions from the collection Grau:  Christoph Medicus & Ines Skirde

7 June - 6 July 2014, Opening 06/06 at 20:00h

concurrently to the exhibition Zwitschern zwischen Zwischenzaeunen

Christoph Medicus (Berlin)

Installation view: Meisterhaus Muche, Bauhaus Dessau 2013

Christoph Medicus takes in his installations associations as relations between objects, materials and viewers. Thought fragments collected during the formation of the work get connected to the social relations of the exhibition situation. Shifting reflection to the observation of possible attitutes between exhibition visitorsobjects and materials become mediums. Their options establish sensible situations and possibilities for a feedback between participation and engrossment.

Ines Skirde (Stuttgart)


The artistic self-experience as a performative act - the quest for the purpose in productivity.
Is there a recipe for art or being an artist? The question for self discipline even self-chastisement is posed, as the artist is both one's master and slave at the same time. Ines Skirde examines human self treatment. Here it becomes visible in pieces of handwriting. Mindless, self imposed repeating beyond obstinate, educational memorization but without a second of hesitation or questioning it. Is it a piece of art, that was produced or is it a product of self-chastisement that was declared a piece of art? Can the one even exist without the other? (Anike Joyce Sadiq)

Grauomenta Spotlight #2

Single positions from the collection Grau:  Matthias Recht & Benjamin Zanon

3 - 25 May 2014

at the Mex-Keller, concurrently to the exhibition FEX

Matthias Recht
„20 x 0,5 (Void)“, Foto: Robert Vanis

Benjamin Zanon

Level 126

Grauomenta Spotlight #1

Single positions from the collection Grau: Nils Bleibtreu

8 March - 13 April 2014

at the Laboratorium, concurrently to the exhibition drop me a line

After exhibitions in New York, Zürich and Kleinenbroich, Nils Bleibtreu is showing a selection of his works for the first time. Primarily, this sample of his work represents his route to concrete abstraction. Bleibtreu’s motifs, the saws and hand guns, the insignia of Hip-Hop and popular culture thwart what we might call the spirit of modernity and, with tongue firmly in cheek, point more towards contemporary attitudes.

Organisation: Cornelius Grau
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